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Unpacking (PC) CD Key for STEAM - GLOBAL

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Why you should buy Unpacking:

  • You are looking for a simple and relaxing game.
  • You enjoy titles with soothing soundtracks.
  • You like home decoration games with a wide range of possibilities.

Relaxing break activity

Unpacking is a zen puzzle, block-fitting, home decoration game about unpacking moving boxes (that’s quite unexpected, right?). If you’re looking for a game to relax with during a work or school break – that game is an excellent idea. Get into the zen mood with a no-rush gameplay style and a soothing soundtrack by BAFTA award-winning composer Jeff van Dyck.

Make this place home

Discover the contents of the boxes and find a new place for your stuff. Decorate every room, put things where they belong, and make this house feel like a real home. Put the plates and cups in the kitchen, hang toilet paper on the holder, and find a new scenery for your stuffed animals. Unpacking various items will help you learn more about your character’s life.

No need to rush

Unpacking is completely stress-free – no timers, no meters, no scores. Each one of your moves is right - do whatever you want and set your creativity free. Make your place mess-free or put all the things in random places – the choice is yours. The mechanics are pretty simple, so it won’t take long for you to learn how to play.

Move onto the next stage… or not

While there’s no wrong way to organize your possessions, in some cases, an improper setting may block you from moving to another stage. However, if you would like to put your clothes in the kitchen or a toothbrush in the living room - you can disable the feature in the accessibility menu of Unpacking. Enjoy this simple kind of fun the way you want, and for as long you wish to.

Unpacking: key features

  • Unlimited possibilities of decorating,
  • Well-written soundtrack from Jeff van Dyck,
  • Stress-free gameplay,
  • Charming visuals,
  • Enjoyable subtle storytelling.

PC system requirements

  Minimum requirements System Windows 7, 64-bit Processor SSE2 instruction set support    Drive Space 1 GB DX 10
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How to Activate

Before proceeding with Activation make sure you already download and install the Steam app.

Download and Install Steam Client from this link:

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1.Launch the Steam App

2.Login to your account

3.Click on the Game Menu

4.Select "Activate a Product on Steam"

5.Follow the on-screen instructions, then enter the Product Code

6.Click on Next and done, the Product Key is now linked to your account

After activation, you can find your games in your Steam Library where you can download and install them.

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