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Sumire (PC) CD Key for STEAM - GLOBAL

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Sumire is an indie narrative adventure, featuring a one-day journey through a picturesque Japanese village. In this enchanted place, a disenchanted girl named Sumire meets a mischievous spirit who makes her a deal to fulfill her most desired wish. But in order to see this wish come true, she must complete a series of tasks in return, before night falls and this special day reaches its end.

  • A Narrative Quest-Driven Adventure
    • Follow Sumire on a series of quests both big and small, given by charming forest creatures, quirky townspeople, and Sumire's own heartfelt needs.
    • Take or refuse them, but be wary: as the day progresses, your path will change and you may never get the same chance again.
    • Discover collectibles, bonus items, tests of skill, and other challenges -- some hidden, some not.
    • Explore a variety of lush, beautiful environments rendered in a painterly style.
    • A one day time limit. With the sky changing from the promise of morning to the soft twilight, all choices are finished when the sky turns to violet.
  • Between the Magical and the Mundane:
    • For a single day, the magical world crosses with ordinary life for Sumire.
    • Within this ambiguous time, be extra mindful of words, choices, and actions taken.
    • What awaits at the end of the day...?
  • A Day to Remember, and Choices to be Made:
    • Guide Sumire through her reality, her dreams, and her memories.
    • As the sky changes throughout the day, Sumire too must come to terms with the changes that have affected her life, as well as those around her.
    • How Sumire ultimately addresses these matters is influenced by the player's guidance, seeking to turn a life unlived into a final dream come true.
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