Buy Pillars of Eternity - Champion Edition (PC) CD Key for STEAM - GLOBAL

Pillars of Eternity - Champion Edition (PC) CD Key for STEAM - GLOBAL

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Upgrade from Hero Edition to Champion Edition and unlock the following content:

Digital Original Soundtrack:

  • This soundtrack contains many of the game's music tracks performed by a live orchestra. Contains at least 17 tracks in MP3 and FLAC formats.

Digital Campaign Almanac:

  • The Campaign Almanac contains everything related to the lore, history, and world of Eora as originally told by Hylsman Horag and revised by the Hand Occult. The 35-page almanack has commentary provided by a variety of authors and is an engrossing read for anyone keen to delve deeper into the world of the Pillars of Eternity.

Making of Documentary:

  • A video documentary of the entire Pillars of Eternity development process - from beginning to end. Includes commentary from the developers and behind the scenes footage of game shows and events.

Digital Hi-res Game Map:

  • A high-resolution map of Eora's Eastern Reach. Details include locations that players will be travelling to and locations that they may be seen in future Pillars of Eternity products.


  • High resolution and multi-monitor wallpapers of cool concept art and in-game artwork.


  • Short clips of sounds and music from Pillars of Eternity. Perfect for mobile ringtones.
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