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Farmer's Fairy Tale (PC) CD Key for STEAM - GLOBAL

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Farmer‘s Fairy Tale – Discover the fantastic farming simulation!

You have no idea how you got here, but it’s extremely exciting! You find yourself in the middle of fairytale-like surroundings and take on the mayor’s mysterious task of rebuilding a small, dilapidated farm. Your contact person is her loyal assistant, the mysterious Señor Cato. He’s the go-to guy for your first instructions. You set up fields, you plant wheat and harvest it using your scythe.

The magical farming simulation Farmer‘s Fairy Tale allows you to explore an impressive fairy-tale world full of puzzles, secrets and wonders. Create, cultivate and discover – Farmer’s Fairy Tale offers you a unique blend of farming simulation and story game. Discover an all-around impressive fairy-tale world as a fearless heroine. Build your own farm and embark on an exciting journey of exploration. Harvest different natural products. Scout the village with its tavern, the tailor’s, the antique shop as well as the imposing town hall.

  • An extensive backstory with exciting twists, humorous ideas and great surprises
  • A wonderful RPG setting with enchanting 3D graphics and carefully designed animations
  • Comprehensive crafting options by manufacturing progressively complex tools
  • Captivating quests and story game challenges
  • Numerous great NPCs such as the Giant Shorty or Valerie and her long, red hair
  • Considerable harvesting options in order to increase your food storage and your doubloon revenue
  • A truly fabulous gaming experience
  • An impressive farming simulation with manifold gaming areas waiting to be discovered
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