Buy Broken Universe: Tower Defense (PC) CD Key for STEAM - GLOBAL

Broken Universe: Tower Defense (PC) CD Key for STEAM - GLOBAL

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Enjoy the strategic Tower Defense incorporated into Cartoon-style graphics. Play as you think and as you like. Starting with setting the landing point to start the game.

It is possible to block the road with a barrier, and safely hold the road behind it, then destroy the blockade to finally bring it back for the enemy to take a long distance travel, while knocking them down. Use the distinctive towers and barriers to complete your own colorful plays and challenges.
It's a strategy to prevent monsters from approaching at all with a powerful Knockback, while distracting them from acting properly, or to focus on defense and recovery to build an unbroken line of defense.
It would be beneficial to attack a monster in a bottleneck with a powerful range attack, or use a long range artillery to defeat your enemy.

  • Various planets consisting of a total of 9 main chapters and 3 sub-chapters.
  • Rich content consisting of 10 features, 140+ stages in total.
  • Stages where the road can be blocked, or destroy the terrain to destroy it.
  • 50+ towers and barriers, and 15+ skills.
  • Tech-tree consisting of 80+ researches and various upgrades, enhancements, and renovation.
  • 80+ modules and 40+ items.
  • 3 difficulty levels: Normal/Hard/Wild Mode.
  • Additional content such as landing mission, challenge mode, and expedition.
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