Buy Breaking Box (PC) CD Key for STEAM - GLOBAL
Buy Breaking Box (PC) CD Key for STEAM - GLOBAL
Buy Breaking Box (PC) CD Key for STEAM - GLOBAL
Buy Breaking Box (PC) CD Key for STEAM - GLOBAL
Buy Breaking Box (PC) CD Key for STEAM - GLOBAL

Breaking Box (PC) CD Key for STEAM - GLOBAL

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Platform: Steam


Region: Global

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Buy Breaking Box Steam CD Key Global - Breaking Box is a 3D multiplayer game with a level editor in-game. You can create your own levels, challenge levels, and enjoy the competition with friends!

You're a small box, and you can travel the world!
The map of the level keeps coming, and you can explore in the ocean of pixels!

"Breaking Box" is an interactive game where players create their own level content.
You can become any field you want!
Become a level master, conquer the level world, or get first place in endless mode.
Become a racing king, racing against time in the leaderboard or ultra-difficult levels.
Become a game level designer, using the level editor to create your own unique levels.
Become the best partner or worst enemy, spending a pleasant time online.
Challenge and race, try your best
Want to rack your brains to solve challenging levels? Or compete against the clock in ultra-difficult levels with every second counting?
Haha, all to satisfy you!

World challenge mode, big adventure in a small world, with over a hundred selected levels to conquer one after another. Stay tuned for more worlds to come.
Endless challenge mode, with massive self-made levels of random difficulty. If you want to be remembered, conquer more levels.
Only up mode, climb to the top on a large map with no chance for error. If you slip, game over. See who can jump well.
Can't pass a level? Too slow? Shadow mode can help you!

Whether it's a matter of quantity or time, a test of intelligence or skills, believe in yourself, you can do it!
Level editor, create your own maps
Have a great idea? Want to create your own game? Aha,just try the level editor!

It's easy to get started. You're in charge of everything, from tiles, props, creatures, and background... and more props are still in the works!
Whether you prefer solo or multiplayer, puzzle or racing, it's up to you. You can create a map and enjoy the scenery as well!

Feeling tired from map-making? Import map templates and stitch together your creativity to make increasingly challenging maps for endless fun!
Upload your self-made maps to the server, create a room, and share your creativity with other players!
Multiplayer online rooms, collaboration or competition
The game supports online multiplayer for 2-8 players and local multiplayer for 2-4 players.With modes such as reaching the finish line, collecting coins, minimizing errors, variety, and collaboration, there's always a mode that suits you!

Push your friends forward, knock your opponents down, friendship first, competition second.
Collaborate to decrypt, help each other, communicate with your eyes, and unite as one.

Come and have fun with your buddies, challenging levels in different modes!
Numerous Skins to Create Your Favorite Character
Beef Burger, Moonlight Warrior, Fat Kitty, Silly Corgis... all kinds of skins for you!

Journey in a Playful Fantasy World
Float in the space with the moon smiling at you. Clashing with each other in an arena made of clouds.Pigeon that faints. Robot vacuum that shows affections. Vanishing kitty floors... It's such a fantasy world!
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