What is Fortnite's Inferno Bundle and what are the challenges

Just today Fortnite: Battle Royale - Inferno Challenge Pack was released worldwide for a price of $19.99 (US Dollars) on all gaming platforms.

What this Pack includes:

  • Inferno Outfit
  • 1,000 v-bucks (Part of Inferno Challenges)
  • Pickaxe (Part of Inferno Challenges)
  • Paint Job (Part of Inferno Challenges)

What is Inferno Challenges:

This a total of 6 daily challenges that will unlock the rewards for the Inferno Set and the 1,000 v-bucks.

What are the Challenges:

  1. Reward: 100 v-bucks (Complete 1 daily challenge)
  2. Reward: 200 v-bucks (Complete 3 daily challenges)
  3. Reward: 300 v-bucks (Complete 5 daily challenges)
  4. Reward: 400 v-bucks (Complete 7 daily challenges)
  5. Reward: Paint Job (Complete 10 daily challenges)
  6. Reward: Pickaxe (Complete 14 daily challenges)

How much is this bundle worth and should you buy it?

Inferno is a legendary skin which is worth 20 US Dollars, this pack also gives you 1,000 v-bucks which costs around 10 US Dollars. And you get some other stuff like a Pickaxe which can cost around 500+ vbucks and Paint Job mostly costs around 200+ v-bucks.

So this bundle is worth around $35 - $40, which is not bad. The skin looks cool. You are getting v-bucks.

So in case you want a cool skin and had an idea of buying v-bucks to get the Battle Pass for next Season 9 or wanted to spend on anything else in the Item Shop then this is a great deal for you.

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