New Street of Rage 4 is Coming After 26 Years with new Battle Mode and Characters

Street of Rage is a popular old game that everyone loved to play on their computer and who can forget the Arcade machines. And after 26 years a new chapter is coming out with tons of changes, a new mode and playable characters.

Street of Rage 4 is releasing for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Windows on the 30th of April.

Battle Mode: Allowing players to fight against your friends in different memorable arenas from the original map. You can test and check all character combos and etc.

Playable Characters: There are 17 characters that you can choose from and they mostly brought all characters back except Roo.

Two Soundtracks Option: A brand new soundtrack made for Street of Rage 4 and the old one selected from Street of Rage 1 and 2. You are allowed to change them whenever you want.

The developers put in months of hard work in order to make this game feel as close to the old ones with new engines and tons of improvements. Character's design looks way better, arenas are beautiful and animations look great.


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