New Free Fortnite Point Patroller Bundle for PlayStation Plus Leaked

A new PS Plus bundle called "Point Patroller" was found inside game files by a well known Fortnite leaker known as "FortTory".

Epic Games released lots of PS Plus - Fortnite bundles in the past for its PlayStation users. And all of them were free to claim if they have subscribed to PlayStation Plus membership.

What is in this new Bundle?

This blue-white themed skin bundle "Point Patroller" comes with back bling called Recon Strike and Skin called  Point Patroller.

What is in the Bundle:

  1. Back Bling: Recon Strike
  2. Skin: Point Patroller

It is not yet confirmed when is the release date or if it is going to be free or not, but mostly all PlayStation Plus bundles are free and there is high chances of this one being free as well.

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