How much is Fortnite Nvidia GeForce Bundle worth

Couple days ago with the release of new Reflex Red Skin the Fortnite GeForce Bundle is now worth more.

How much was it worth before?

Before the release of new Red Skin this bundle was worth $50. The Counterattack Set included Reflex Skin, Backbling, Glider and Pickaxe which was worth 30 US Dollars and 2000 vBucks which is worth 20 US dollars.

How much is it worth now?

With the addition of new Red Reflex Skin this bundle is now worth $80. It is not just a style it is a brand new skin added to your collection. It shows both skins separately in your load out. This also applies to their other stuff like backbling, glider and pickaxe.

Now you might be wondering how rare this skin might be? if not now maybe in the future. You might know this is a promotion bundle which will probably end in couple months, after that this skin will be much more rare than it is right now.

Buy Fortnite Nvidia GeForce Bundle for $9.99 by clicking here. It is very limited so buy it now before it ends.

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