FortniteXAvengers - Everything you need to know about it

Today Fortnite released an official tweet about their collaboration with Avengers: Endgame. Checkout all the things you need to know like when is the release date, new skins, items, (LTM) limited time mode and more details.

What is the FortniteXAvengers about?

If you have been playing Fortnite from long time then you might know that in Season 4 they did a collaboration with Avengers: Infinity War and added a Limited Time mode in which you could play as Thanos after finding the Gaunlet.

Epic Games having a good business relation with Avengers Studio or Team once again allowed them to give their players an amazing gaming experience. And this time I believe it will be way bigger event than Season 4.

As the game is now more popular and the movie hype is huge so I am pretty sure it will be an unforgettable moment.

What is the Release Date?

By an official Tweet from Fortnite they have confirmed the release date. And it will be officially released worldwide by 25th of April, 2019.

What are the new Skins and Items?

From the Teaser image it looks like they might release a brand new skin with Captain America style. And the second big thing we noticed that they might add the Shield as well as Backpack or Backbling.

On 23rd they released another Teaser image which showed the Fishstick skin holding Thor's hammer, which gives us a hint of a new Pickaxe that might be available to buy.

On 24th another Teaser image was released which was showing Raptor as Iron Man. I am not sure addition of which item this image is hinting towards. It might be an addition of new skin or a Style for Raptor.

What will be the (LTM) Limited Time Mode?

Still there is no official updates regarding how will the Limited Time work. But from the teaser image it looks like players will be playing as heroes this time and not Thanos.

In Season 4 teaser image was related to Gauntlet and Thanos but this time it looked more like Heroes related and I wouldn't be surprised as we can not expect them to add same thing again. They will probably make it unique and fun.

I am very excited for this event, more stuff related to it will be added to this article as soon we get more information and teasers from Fortnite. So make sure to checkout daily and thank you very much for reading.

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