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Fortnite Eon Skin Bundle + 500 vBucks Xbox One Key





Buy Fortnite Eon Skin Bundle with 500 vBucks Xbox One Key at cheapest price on Premium CD Keys with Fastest Email Delivery. Pay with PayPal and Bitcoin.


EON Skin Bundle is an exclusive offer for Xbox users. This bundle comes with Legendary Eon Outfit that includes a glider and pickaxe plus 500 vBucks.

Eon Skin Bundle includes:

  • 500 vBucks
  • Eon - Legendary Outfit
  • Aurora - Epic Glider
  • Resonator - Rare Pickaxe


This product can be activated or used worldwide.

Q.How long does Delivery take?
Answer: we provide instant delivery but in some cases it can take up to 15 - 30 minutes.

Q.How will I receive my Product Key?
Answer: you will receive it in your email address provided during checkout and registration.

Q.Which Payment Methods are available?
Answer: currently we accept PayPal, Credit Cards through PayPal and Bitcoin.

Q.What should I do in case of delay in Delivery?
Answer: If your order is not delivered within 1 hour make sure to contact us through our Contact page.

Q.Any discount code available?
Answer: sure if it is your first order with us you can get 5% discount on any product using code "IAMNEW" in the checkout.