Are you a store owner or a reseller who wants to buy products in bulk? If yes, then you are in the right place.

PCK - Wholesale provides you the best prices if you are looking to buy products in bulk. Please check all the features, important info, tiers list and F.A.Q below.

Register here: https://wholesale.premiumcdkeys.com/account/register

Login here: https://wholesale.premiumcdkeys.com/account/login

Support email: wholesale@premiumcdkeys.com


About PCK - Wholesale

Products available: Windows OS, Office, Antivirus and more coming soon...

Main features:

  • Quick order form (Shows all products at once)
  • Invoice generated for every order (with your company info)
  • Default store currency is USD

Payment methods:

  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Bank Tranfer

Terms and Condition:

  • Minimum order quantity is 3 (based on your rank)
  • Payments are collected manually
  • Orders will be delivered manually (max delivery time: 24 hours)
  • By registering and using our wholesale store, you automatically accept to all these terms and conditions.


Tiers and Discounts

Bronze - Requirement:

  • You automatically get this rank after registration
  • Minimum order quantity is 3x
  • 10-25% discount on all products

Silver - Requirement:

  • After 10+ orders you will be upgraded to Silver
  • Minimum order quantity is 4x
  • 15-35% discount on all products

Gold - Requirement:

  • After 50+ orders you will be upgraded to Gold
  • Minimum order quantity is 5x
  • 20-45% discount on all products

VIP - Requirement:

  • After 100+ orders you will be upgraded to VIP
  • Minimum order quantity is 5x
  • Custom prices on all products



Q1.I have registered, how long will the approval take?

  • Your application will be approved within 12-24 hours and then you will be able to purchase normally.

Q2.How will I receive my ordered product keys?

  • We deliver product keys through email address used during registration process with the help of an app called (Sendowl) which is an automatic delivery system.

Q3.Where can I find my Invoices?

  • You can find a button inside the Order Confirmation mail that will allow you to download your invoice.

Q4.How long will it take to receive my product keys?

  • After we received the payment, the product keys will be delivered within 1 to 24 hours max.

Q5.I want to know more or have business related questions, who should I contact?

  • For any questions related to our Wholesale store you can contact us at  "wholesale@premiumcdkeys.com".